Sunday, November 22, 2009

Breaking the Seal: Inspired Action

I figured if I didn't just go ahead and write a blog post, I might never do it again. Well, I suppose that is unlikely. However, I have been trying to use the Law of Attraction principle of aligning, getting inspired, and then taking action. I had not been feeling inspired to take action. I need to reconcile that with the desire to keep this blog updated on a regular basis.

Also, there has been a lot going on astrologically that has led me to feel very inward. So, I have gone with that. Following the energies. How about you? One of the more basic things seems to have just been the sun in Scorpio. Last night, the sun moved into Sagittarius, and I feel more inspired. I guess I felt inspired sometimes in the past month and a half. But I would get ideas, and then not have the time or inclination to push them this far out into the world.

I have also been considering some shifts in this site. (Some of them being, Manifest Laboratory: Now with more swearing and drinking!) I have been trying to figure out ways to make that happen. (Well, I can figure out the swearing and drinking. I am more thinking about my own domain and a redesign.) I have been ruminating on all of this. And stewing in Plutonic (Scorpio) juices. Perhaps I am pushing out again. Not to mention all the crazy, wonderful, but time-consuming stuff that has been going on with my husband Kevin's writing career. Lots of energy there. (Plan to write more on that later.) At any rate, I am here. That is a start. We'll see where it takes us.

You can also follow me on Facebook or Twitter. (My Facebook automatically feeds to my Twitter.) I tend to throw a lot of things up on Facebook b/c I'm a Facebook geek and I'm there most of the time anyway. That is a good place to check in if I ignore the blog for too long.

It's all a work in progress. Or, as Neale Donald Walsch might say, "We're making it all up." Good thing this is a laboratory! A friend today said that I am the intersection of motivation and relaxation. I rather liked that. Seems like inspired action.

Thanks for reading.

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Great article... God bless you!