Friday, July 31, 2009

Have a synchronicitous day

Allrighty. So every little thing is telling me to leap and the net will appear. And I just received the book Fearless Living: Yoga and Faith.
Then I hear a song in the background that I'm liking. I can tell it is Pink Floyd, but I'm not familiar with it. I click over to my Pandora (from whence the song comes), only to find it is called Fearless.

Really cool lyrics, too. They are displayed in the info. Looks like the song was made in 1971. I was made in 1971 as well! (Came out in 1972, though.) Ha.

And then, as I was writing all this, the subject of skiing came up. And I had to tell my friend I've always feared skiing. Too funny.

Fun world. Enjoy the video. (I do not intend to start skiing, although I may do other things I've feared in the past.)

Manifestory: Window Magic

I wasn't planning on writing today. But Christine Kane has inspired a tad bit of discipline, so what the heck. (Thanks, Amy.)

Here's just a little manifestory.

Today, I went walking with a dear friend of mine. When I met her at our agreed-upon walking place, she was having troubles getting her car window to shut. I just watched her. Didn't say much. She wasn't sure she was going to be able to shut it. She was a tad concerned because she had some items for camping in the back that she didn't want prey to thievery. I just watched, thinking, "That window's just gonna shut for her." She was putting it down a little and up a little. Each time it would go up a little more. She seemed ready to give up on it. I just kept thinking, "That window's just gonna go right up." And sure as shit, it did.

Enjoy practicing some magic in your day. If you feel like it, tell us about it!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If you build it, they will come

Allrighty, so that's a cheesy line from the film Field of Dreams. I'm not even sure if I ever saw that film. But, I like idea. It keeps coming to me.

Lately, I've been getting back in touch with my intuition. That feels good. I'm all about feeling good. Following my intuition creates more fun, ease, and mystery in life. You can't necessarily see how things are going to turn out, but you know they will.

So, I've been really wanting to quit my day job. I've just been waiting until my husband gets a book or two published or whatever he needs to do to start supporting us. He is on his way with that, so I've kinda just been waiting. However, today I just started thinking, "What if..." I thought I didn't want a different job because what I really thought I wanted was no job. Well, I think that may be true. However, what's wrong with a BETTER job in the interim? The trouble was, I was having a hard time envisioning what might be better.

So, I got stuck.

And that was so silly.

Today, I began to envision what would be better. Here is what I envisioned:

* I work 10-15 hours/week.
* I work from home or wherever.
* I can look, act, or dress however I like.
* I make at least $60/hour. To start.
* I work when I feel like it.
* I play when I feel like it.
* Work feels like play.

Now that sounds like a job worth having. Maybe I'll even keep it when I achieve Trophy Wife status. Maybe.

If I truly believe in Law of Attraction (which I do--I've seen it work hundreds of times), why can't I create this? Of course I can! (Another thought was "Why didn't I just create the Trophy Wife job I am also after?" But oh well. The intuition is leading me here. Maybe I am more than a trophy wife. Ha.)

I've been feeling like I would move on from my regular job. I didn't see how. Once I was willing to move forward with the feeling of quitting my job for something better, better ideas of jobs began to come to me. My intuition was telling me to just quit. It actually gave me a specific date the other day, which really rather freaked me out. (It's soon!) But now it is giving me a more specific plan and the understanding that no matter how I do it, all is well. I can transition quickly or I can transition more gradually. All is well. I will get there either way.


So, what is it?
I'm not totally sure yet!
I'm planning the following:
* Law of Attraction coaching using Skype
* Astrological coaching separately or as an adjunct
* Possibly proofreading/editing services for things I'd like to read
* Possibly writing projects

Fee: $1/minute(to start)

I have to get on with figuring out all the details of how it will work, but first I wanted to declare it.

Universe, you are on notice: I'm creating new dharma that I love! I do what I want when I want. My husband and I are free to pursue our creative, abundant, fun destinies. We get paid well. I live a healthy, balanced, creative, fun life. It's getting better and better.

Back from Beyond

Hey all,

I just had some quasi-forced time off when my laptop screen up and died. Then it was held captive at the computer shop for about a month. Throughout this time I've been ruminating and ruminating.

More to come...